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What Is Machine Learning ?

Machine Learning - Making the machine learn itself

On what basis - On the basis of data machine itself has processsed or processed by other means.

What is happening - Machines evolve behaviours based on empirical data ( based on observation or experience i.e. that has happened before.)

When exposed to new data, machine learn, grow, change, and develop by themselves

How it happens - without being explicitly programmed but machine evolves basis experiences, examples. Same as we as human beings learn from bad and good experiences.

So let's says - It is branch of artifical intelligence (where intellligence is artificial - LOL)

Therotial Defination

A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some class of tasks T and performance measure P if its performance at tasks in T, as measured by P, improves with experience E.

If Complicated - Forget. Defination is for examination only.....

Famous Machine Learning Applications

  1. Alexa - Not only play lovely songs for you but also based on your choices, gives you recommendations

  2. Netflix Recommedation Engine - Gives movies as per our preferences

  3. Lot of applications in healthcare like cancer predications etc.

  4. Amazon product recommendation based on etc.

  5. Email intelligence (Email classifications, spam filtering)

  6. Banking Finance - Credit Card frauds, credit decisions

  7. Image Recognition

  8. Predictive analytics

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