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Static Class Vs SingleTon Pattern

WoW ! Both have their own usage but still investigation is required - which one to use ?

  • Singleton is more object oriented.

  • Singleton can use inheritance & polymorphism to extend a base class, implement an interface. E.g. java.lang.Runtime is a singleton class but call to get Runtime () returns different implementation based on JVM. If this is made static, it would be difficult to return different implementation.

  • Static class cannot inherit their instance members.

  • Singleton can be initialized lazily or asynchronously but static class is first loaded.

  • Static classes do make sense:

    • If class is just providing global access to methods & not maintaining any state. This is high performance as compared to singleton class as static binding occurs at compile time.

    • E.g. java.lang.Math is a static class with all static methods.

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