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Prototype Pattern

Allows making new instances by copying an existing instance ! Cheap Objects

  • Allows making new instances by copying an existing instance.

  • It is a clone object that is different from original

  • Template of an object

  • Minimum instance creation process

  • Initially object has same state but can change after cloning or prototyping.

  • Client can make new instances without knowing which specific class is initialized.

  • Creation is through delegation.

  • Prototype object has same properties initially

  • Mandates that object have copying properties i.e. shallow or deep copy.

  • Hides complexity of creating objects

  • Reduces sub-classing.

  • Cons – making a copy is sometimes complicates in case of complex objects – Class with circular reference difficult to clone

  • Can co-exists with Factory & singleton pattern

Applicability An object is loaded from database & needs to be modified multiple times with different values. So rather them loading object from DB again & again, clone the object & play with it. Used When

  • Multiple similar objects are used.

  • Removing or adding objects at runtime

  • Cost of creating an object is expensive or complex

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