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Layer Wise Design Patterns

Layered archietctures allows to use different design patterns at different layers. This post descttibes a taxonomy of design pattrens that could/should be used in each layer of architecture.

Presentation Layer

  • Intercepting Filter - Intercepts incoming requests and outgoing responses and applies a filter.

  • Context Object - Encapsulates state in a protocol-independent way to be shared throughout your application

  • Front Controller - A container to hold the common processing logic that occurs within the presentation tier

  • Application Controller - Centralizes control, retrieval, and invocation of view and command processing

  • View Helper - Encourages the separation of formatting-related code from other business logic

  • Composite View - suggests composing a View from numerous atomic pieces

  • Dispatcher View - defers business processing until view processing has been performed.

Business Layer

  • Business Delegate -reduces coupling between remote tiers and provides an entry point for accessing remote services in the business tier.

  • Service Locator - encapsulates the implementation mechanisms for looking up business service components.

  • Session Facade - provides coarse-grained services to the clients by hiding the complexities of the business service interactions.

  • Application Service - centralizes and aggregates behavior to provide a uniform service layer to the business tier services.

  • Business Object -implements your conceptual domain model using an object model.

  • Composite Entity -implements a Business Object using local entity beans and POJOs.

  • Transfer Object -provides the best techniques and strategies to exchange data across tiers

  • T O Assembler -constructs a composite Transfer Object from various sources

  • Value List Handler -uses the GoF iterator pattern to provide query execution and processing services

Integration Layer

  • Data Access Object -enables loose coupling between the business and resource tiers

  • Service Activator -enables asynchronous processing in your enterprise applications using JMS.

  • Domain Store -provides a powerful mechanism to implement transparent persistence for your object model.

  • Web Service Broker -exposes and brokers one or more services in your application to external clients as a web service using XML and standard web protocols

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