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Kafka Taxonomy

  • Broker: Brokers creates Kafka cluster by sharing information using Zookeeper. A broker receives messages from producers and consumers fetch messages from the broker by topic, partition, and offset.

  • Cluster: Kafka is a distributed system. A Kafka cluster contains multiple brokers sharing the workload.

  • Producer: A producer is a client that sends messages to the Kafka server to the desired topic.

  • Consumer: Consumers are the recipients who receive messages from the Kafka server.

  • Topic: A topic is a category name to which messages are published and from which consumers can receive messages.

  • Partition: Messages published to a topic are spread across a Kafka cluster into several partitions. Each partition can be associated with a broker to allow consumers to read from a topic in parallel.

  • Offset: Offset is a pointer to the last message that Kafka has already sent to a consumer.

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May 31, 2023

excellent content!

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