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Issues With Caching

Caching can encounter challenges that include, for example, the problem of cache warm-up, where cache needs to be loaded with enough active data to reduce cache misses and allow it to start improving I/O response times.

  • There are also problems associated with caching software, most notably issues of data integrity and cache coherence in clustered deployments.

  • In response, some suppliers have chosen to implement only write-through cache, whereas others have resolved the coherence issue by replicating data between cluster nodes.

  • There will always be a trade-off between latency and resiliency and so it becomes dependent on the user to look at whether write-cache is an essential requirement of the deployment.

  • One other consideration is the algorithms or logic used to determine what to cache. Some solutions use simple “least recently used” policies to discard data; others are more complex and look at the data for clues as to which should be retained in cache.

  • Users should look at the cache occupancy criteria and ensure the rules fit the types of data they expect the cache to manage.

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