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Basic Optimization Steps for a simple code

These are the basic steps which are preferred while writing a code to make it more clear, readable, clean and efficient.

  • Code Reusability : Create reusable methods/functions instead of replicating the same code everywhere. If the code has nothing to do with service layer, then a Util Class can be created which will contain such kind of methods.

  • Declare all the variables in the beginning so it will be easy to find and modify.

  • Use proper naming conventions i.e. method names, variable names as per the Objects or on the basis of their purpose of creation.

  • Create Java Doc for a method in which the purpose of the method creation should be written as well as author name, creation date and parameters used.

  • Instead of writing all the code in a same function/method , use small methods and assign them different responsibilities and use them.

  • Avoid using hardcoded values directly, instead make a constant file which will be having all the hardcoded values.

  • Use a proper code formatter to make your code more readable and pleasing to eyes.

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